Cognitive Rehabilitation:

Cognitive rehabilitation is therapy designed to assist the “whole” individual. Therapy is multidisciplinary, focusing on helping the client develop compensatory as well as remedial, coping and problem-solving skills. Weaknesses can be remediated in multiple ways:

 qEEG &  Neruofeedback Training
qEEGs are contracted through CARE.  These profiles are the foundation of individualized protocols which allow for
Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback Training is accomplished through Brainmaster®  software which behaviorally teaches brainwaves to function at optimal ranges or through ILF training which provides feedback for the brain, thus both improve brain functioning.  These treatments may decrease the need for medication and improve behavior, learning & mood.

Vision Processing & Rehab
Further screening can identify specific functional visual problems (eye teaming/tracking, convergence problems, visual analysis/information processing).  Rehabilitation for processing problems is available and includes a mix of retained reflex exercises, functional vision exercises, & programs such as Lindamood Bell® Visualizing & Verbalizing® *.

Auditory, Phonological & Language Processing
Further screening can assist with identifying which programs will best remediate a variety of language processing problems.  Programs include Lindamood Bell® LiPs®* , Seeing Stars®*,  & various others.

Attention, Organization & Memory Skills
Strategies are employed to increase attention/concentration (through computer programs & exercises) and teach organizational skills (via behavioral technique & study skills training) to enhance memory. This is accomplished in an eclectic approach through several programs and resources.

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy
Techniques are designed to reduce anxiety & increase problem-solving and coping skillsTherapy may also provide the client and family with education regarding weaknesses and a safe forum for expressing feelings regarding the impact on daily living and family life.

These services may not be fully covered by insurance.  Please call the office for pricing.

* Dr. Gangarosa is not a Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Center.